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Why not spend your Italian Vacation in Calabria?

The average Italy tour would be a whirlwind of cities and museums and train or air trips, which can be hectic but somehow lacking in solid experiences, as if the fleeting impressions of artworks, churches and cafes were there but with barely a thread of a story.

If that doesn't sound like the vacation you want, you could go the other way – spend a few days in one place, take in the local rhythms and go in deep. One of the places where you might best appreciate Italy's scenic beauty and life is at its very tip – in Calabria.
Calabria Italy - Calabria Hotels, Tours, Vacation, Travel and Accommodation Guide
Calabria is the extreme southwest extension of the Italian peninsula, with hundreds of miles of scenic coastline and rugged terrain. It's crisscrossed by three mountain ranges, with only extremely narrow plains by the Mediterranean. This region was once at the centre of the Greek colonies during the Ancient era.

The clime is also a matter of extremes, with winter snows upland and temperatures in the lower 40's during summer. Calabria is in the Mezzogiorno region, which signals the omnipresent sunshine and blue skies you'll find here. The land is bounded by crags, cliffs and sandy beaches, some of the most pristine places in Italy. Mountain enclaves can be found inland, with unexpectedly dense woodlands and cool lakes. The land is drained by numerous rivulets that burst into swift streams whenever there's rain.

The people of Calabria have survived earthquakes, landslides, and tsunamis, as well as the presence of the 'Ndragheta, Mezzogiorno's local mafia. Far from the urbane gloss of Milan or Rome, you'll find the state of living here is still intimately connected to the landscape.

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